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Hello Mike,  my name is Adam Pfaff. I met you the Richmond, Indiana show sale this year. After talking to you we switched from Purina show lamb to High Noon Extreme Show Lamb. We noticed a big difference within a few weeks after feeding. They filled out better, ate really well, and their digestive system stayed healthier even after travel.  I just wanted to send you a picture and say thank you for getting us to switch. I know my daughters are happy because they getting more ribbons.

My name is Chris Mackey from Mars Hill, NC. I am currently the livestock judging coach and graduate student at North Carolina State University. My family and I have been showing cattle and sheep for about 15 years now and we have used a wide variety of feeds (both home made and show feeds). Being from the western portion of NC, we are limited on what we can feed based on dealers and availability. A few weeks ago our newest feed dealer, Anna English at Heritage Farm Supply in Weaverville, gave us 2 bags of your High Noon Extreme lamb to try that was mistakenly put on her trailer with her Tribute Horse Feeds. We have heard many great things about High Noon feeds and supplements, but were unable to get feed without traveling a good distance. We have been using Kent products and had a lot of success when we fed. However, this years creep and show rations have been changed and our sheep have not performed as well as they should have. The picture with the wether on the stand that I have attached was solely on a Kent diet and we switched him to the High Noon to see what happened. The picture of him driving was taken exactly 8 days later. When I came back home from school, I could not believe the difference in the sheep, especially in such a short amount of time! To say I was shocked was an understatement. It seemed that overnight that everything about him improved; his tone and touch, muscle development, aggression at the bunk, and I even think he has gotten "shaggier". We have also been feeding our other ewes and they too have improved! I am glad we now have a dealer close by so we can continue feeding High Noon. Both my brother and sister have 2 years left to show and we plan on using these products to help finish their youth show careers with a bang.
-Chris Mackey


Here at Wise Club Lambs we are no different than anyone else as far as searching out the best nutritional program for our growing lambs. We could not be happier with the results from feeding the HighNoon Products. The health has been tremendous, we maybe have treated about three lambs with loose stools and that has never been the case with other creep rations that we have tried. The palatability and consistency from bag to bag is exceptional the lambs go to the feed quicker and maintain their bloom. We also recommend the Show Lamb Feed products to all of our feeders and they have enjoyed much success over the years. We highly recommend HighNoon Feeds.

Todd Wise - Wise Club Lambs - Loveland, Colorado

These guys and gals did so awesome at the show this weekend. We had four lambs in the champion drive in the market lamb show. We won grand and reserve in the carcass contest. We are so proud of the kids that put in the time to do well. We are thankful for friends that help us along the way (Hayden Demniak, we really might take you up on the showmanship clinic) we couldn't be happier with the genetics we get from Viking, and this is our first year with High Noon feeds and we love the results! Thanks Mike Egbert!

Wes Barton with Steve Barton at Southwest Livestock Show


High Noon Feeds has been a staple within our sheep operation since we started in 2000 due to the freshness and quality that we find in each bag. Team Johnson Show Lambs feed High Noon Creep Feeds exclusively due to the impressive way that our lambs grow without getting fat. High Noon Feeds have been fed in our barns, is being fed in our barns, and will always be fed in our barns simply because it is a genuinely good and effective product.

Team Johnson Show Lambs - Jim Johnson - Fletcher, Ohio

Dear High Noon Feeds,
Gump Show Lambs began in 1992 as a show lamb breeder. Over the years, we fed a variety of creep feeds, show lamb feeds, and top dress with some success. When HIGH NOON FEEDS developed, we decided to give it a "try". That "try" has stood the test of time as we still "FEED IT" and "BELIEVE IN IT" to this day. In 2007, we began to disperse our flock of ewes in order to focus more on the show ring aspect as our oldest child had begun his showing career. Currently, all three of our children show market lambs at various levels of competition. Since 2007, our family has shown over 50 breed Champions or Reserve Breed Champions at the Ohio State Fair, NAILE and various jackpot shows. In addition, HIGH NOON FEEDS has helped us accomplish great success at the county fair level having won Champion and/or Reserve Champion the past 6 years. In 2013, we finally reached our ultimate goal of exhibiting the Overall Grand Champion Market Lamb at the Ohio State Fair. In 2014, we once again nearly reached the top spot by exhibiting the Reserve Grand Champion Overall at the Ohio State Fair. Even though we are extremely proud of these two accomplishments, we are even prouder that both lambs harvested extremely high quality carcasses which is also a direct result of providing us with a high quality feeding program. The successes mentioned above all have one common denominator. Every lamb has been on the HIGH NOON FEEDS program. The quality of your feed and top dress is outstanding. The results speak for themselves. It is with the most sincere appreciation that we share our belief in using HIGH NOON FEEDS. To all those involved in the development, production, distribution, and promotion of HIGH NOON FEEDS, please accept a huge THANK YOU from our family to the HIGH NOON FEEDS family.

The Gump Family – Fletcher, Ohio
Kevin, Janet, Colin, Carly, and Chloe

I thought we would be better at the breeding show than the market and that proved to be correct. My daughter had the Champion ewe lamb and the Champion Yearling ewe, so for the final drive it was both of her sheep for the Grand Champion. I doubt you remember the first time I called you, but I was looking for someone to help me get to the next level of competition with a feed program. In about 30 minutes you laid out a program on the phone with me and it is the same basic program I am still using. We have won the NWSS for three years in a row and the Nebraska State Fair for three years in a row with our breeding ewes.

Once again, thank you for all of your assistance.
Donovan Walsh
Kearney, NE

We cannot say enough about the feed. We are so impressed with the results we get out of the feed. We have had numerous Grand Champions and Reserve Champions with the feed at county, state, and national levels. We have attached one of our daughters (Andie Kay) latest picture of her Reserve National Champion Miniature Hereford Market Steer again this year at the 2008 National Western Stock Show. We hope you can post this picture for her in your spotlight section. Again we cannot say enough about your feed products and we will also be feeding your lamb feeds this year. Thank you again Mike and Nick, keep up the great work you all do with formulating your feeds. What outstanding products you make.

Thank you,
Andy, Cinda, Shelby, and Andie Kay Cunningham
CAC Genetics - Larkspur, Colorado

Clint, Nick and Mel,
This year has certainly been an outstanding year not only for our family but the family of feeders who are using the High Noon Products here in California. During the past ten years of feeding and showing sheep we have used three different base feeds and numerous top dresses and additives. Our family has been fairly successful, but have always been the perennial "brides-maid" (Seven Reserve Grands), don't laugh, the humor ran out after the first one. This year (after hours of research and conversation with you folks) we decided to change our program to the "High Noon" program and what a difference it made, not only to our sheep but our other family feeders sheep. Our families had more Grand Champions (our first), Breed Champions and Class winners than ever before.

The lambs we have fed in the past have always had enough muscle and look, but we were missing that additional clean athletic look. Well, we found it this year with your programs. The program (Max Start 90, Show Lamb, Shine'em Up, High Glo and Clean Xpression) really took the lambs to a different level, not only in touch and freshness, but really gave them that athletic, muscular look. In addition our gains, growth patterns and appetite desires were much more predictable than ever in the past. The consistency of each bag was so predictable for freshness and quality.

I would like to thank the dealers here in California for having the foresight to put this product in their stores, what a difference it has and will continue to make. In addition, I would like to thank Clint for bringing this product to California and for spending his numerous hours making deliveries to the stores, houses and farms, as well as educating the various feeders on the High Noon Products. It's not that often that you will find a person with this kind of passion and drive to see a product succeed.

Thanks again to all at High Noon, and remember "it's not in the game" "it's in the feed" High Noon Feed.

Brock Sapp Family (Darcy, Amy, Amber and Brad) - Bakersfield, CA.

Brock Sapp Family
Gr. Hamp Lamb and Res, Natural at 2003 Arizona Nationals
Arizona Nationals

"Over the last eight years we have used many different feeds and additives. Now it is with great pride that we are involved with High Noon Feeds. We have found the feed to be consistent in texture and high quality bag after bag. High Noons textured feed (Pro-show), the "Shine em Up" and Original Glo are the foundation of our feeding program. The knowledge given from the company is second to none."

Rick Riley Family - Yuma Colo.
Res. Grand lambs
2000 &01 Col. State Fair

Hi Nick,
My son that you helped with his feed for his show pigs, WON!

He won first with his York, Grand Champion Gilt of his Duroc Class,Grand Champion Gilt of his Hamp Class and Reserve Grand Champion overall with his Hamp Gilt. I believe that you helped him win. He was on top of the ground floating about 3 feet high! (ha) It is people like you that restore my faith in human kindness. We will forever be grateful to you for your kindness and understanding in our time of need.

Please let the man know that we got the feed from in Verden, OK. The day we went Dalton wasn't there, only his son. Thank you and we did let the fair know what we were feeding!

Where is the closest place to us that sells your pig feed and how much is it?
Thank you from my son, Jackson and Me(his mom)Jhana Hayes

We are very impressed with HIGH NOON MAX START 90, along with SHINE-EM-UP. Our baby goats have dug right in and are really starting to grow and put on the bloom.

Thanks HIGH NOON for these great products!
Rob and Matt Pleiman - Ohio

Hi Clint,
I wrote you last yr. about my girls feeding your feed to there show lambs that had been attacked by dogs. And still made the show in 6 weeks time. Well, this yr. we had not one problem with dogs. So we got a fair chance to see just what High Noon could and would do for us. Well, I'm happy to say that my oldest daughter ""WON"" FFA-Grand Camp Mkt. lamb here at the Antelope Valley Fair. It was so Great to win here again < our last win was in 2000> AV. is a terminal fair. So With another Lamb fed on High Noon we went to the Los Angeles County Fair. Where she took Supreme Grand Champ Lamb of the entire show. To be the winner of our home town fair was sweet. BUT to be the winner of your very own County Fair is awesome. As the LA fair is an International show. And the Winner can be from out of our County...

THANK YOU!! for your help with bringing this feed into California. And a SUPER Thank you to the breeder of our lambs. Scott, Annette, Jason and Courtney Pavletich with out there hard work and the love they have for my girls.. this would have never happened.

Thank you again,
Lance, Leslie, Aimee and Alisha Nelson

I want to thank you for all of your help last year with our feeding program and the Clash of Champions Lamb Show. We had an outstanding year last year exhibiting lambs fed High Noon Feeds. My son Chase finished Runner Up in the lamb Sweepstakes for the Northern Plains Club lamb Association (NPCLA). The NPCLA is comprised of exhibitors from 4 states Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota and South Dakota. We finished with 415 points. The champion finished the season with 417 points. We won the Hancock County Open Show in Britt, Iowa and was Reserve at Albert Lea, Minnesota. In addition to that we placed at least one lamb in the Championship drive at every show we went to last year. Also had purples at AKSARBEN and the Iowa State Fair. We placed second in our class at the American Royal in Kansas City as well. The lambs looked fresher, handled better and finished more evenly. I have fed a lot of different products and a lot of different feeds through the years but none has worked better than High Noon.

Scott M. Suhr

Hi Clint,
You probably don't remember me but I met you at Western Bonanza. I tried your High Noon Feeds and really like it. My daughter's calf went off feed six times. I started feeding High Noon. The last three months he was averaging 100 lbs a month weight gain. She won Grand Champion Market Steer at the Placer County fair in Roseville. Bobby Harmony thought you would like a picture.

Mark Cossairt
Grand Champion Market Steer
Placer County Fair

Hi, my name is Jacob Gardener. I've been showing sheep at the Santa Barbara County Fair for 5 years. Two years ago I switched to High Noon Feeds and I have had great results! In July, 2004 I won FFA Reserve Grand Champion Market Lamb and in July 2005 I won FFA Grand Champion Market Lamb. Thanks  for making a greatfeed and supplement line of products.

Jacob Gardener
Nipomo, California

Good Afternoon,
This is Alex Staley. I picked up some supplements from you at Chris's supplies last Monday. I was writing to let you know that my lambs are doing awesome on them, but even better my goats are doing amazing on them. In the week that they have been getting HighNoon supplements, their coats are better, appetites are way up, and they look fresher than ever. My goats that needed a little over their loin edges now have gorgeous tops. They have a nice cover on them to. I just thought I would write you and say thank you for bringing the feed down to Southern California for us.

Thanks again, and please let me know when you are making another So Cal trip so I can put in an order thru Chris's supplies again.

Alex and Michelle Staley

Good Morning,
First of all can you receive emailed pictures second I would like to say High Noon Feed for lambs is the best I have ever used, In 2 years feeding it We had Grand lamb at our county fair the first time using it, and year two I feel was even better, My boys had Champion Hamp and Champion Oxford and Champion Light Weight Cross at our county fair in 2005. The Oxford lamb went on to be the Reserve Champion Oxford at the Indiana State Fair; my son sold the lamb to a friend that took it on to NAILE and used our feeding program and the lamb was the Champion Oxford Lamb.

Thank you,
The Goodman Family


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